About the Awards

About the Awards

ASIP is accepting award applications for our 2019 Meritorious, Junior Faculty and Trainee award categories.  All ASIP active members who submit an abstract to an ASIP topic category are eligible to apply.  Renew or apply for membership today to become eligible.

ASIP Junior Faculty Award

  • George K. Michalopoulos Junior Faculty Travel Award

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ASIP Trainee Travel Awards

  • AD Sobel - ASIP Education Fund Scholar
  • ASIP Promoting Diversity in Science Trainee Travel Awards
  • GALL Trainee Travel Awards for Excellence in Cardiovascular Research
  • Hans-Monga ASIP Trainee Travel Awards
  • Sobel Scholar Trainee Travel Awards
  • The Histochemical Society-Sponsored Trainee Travel Awards
  • The Rojkind-Monga-ASIP Trainee Travel Award for Excellence in Liver Pathobiology

    Trainee Travel Award Application Form

Meritorious Trainee Awards

  • ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Training Award (EPIT) - Candidates who apply for the EPIT Award are also considered for an ASIP Merit Award
  • ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate Training Award (EPIGT) - Candidates who apply for the EPIGT Award are also considered for an ASIP Merit Award

    To apply for a Meritorious Trainee Award, please click on the "Trainee Travel Award Application Form" above.

Deadline for all awards: November 14, 2018